Something has to change.

Are you in a rut and do nothing but work, work, and maybe more work.
Nothing new happening, so life is boring.
The hobby has "hooked" many people, and they have elevated this onetime recreational activity to a legitimate sport. Outdoors shops, gear and even businesses have been built in that time, and many other peripheral areas have benefited.
Something has to change.
World of dating! Yes, online dating or dating online.
Online dating is not a competition between competing males for the attention of a female. Grow up. Change your mind set from “winning” to “searching”. This isn’t high school. You are all grown up and have been for quite some time, now. Your attitude is the most important asset you have. You should like yourself and not concentrate of all of the things that aren’t YOUR idea of the perfect guy…the one the all women want.
You will probably be apprehensive about such a thing. However look at a startling fact. There are many thousands of dating online sites operating now, both here in the USA and in other countries. There must be a good reason they exist. Obviously there are those that can find a successful relationship via this new technology. Dating online is here to stay. Give it a try and it can change your schedule from dull to immensely exciting and something to look forward to.
What is that women want, you ask?
That’s the age old question. I can tell you a few things women want and don’t want.
Women want a man to be confident…NOT an arrogant jerk.
Women want a communicator. The “strong silent type” really isn’t appealing at all.
Women do NOT want to be a prize to be won. They don’t want to be a trophy. They want to be the ONE woman that you want to be with.
Consider dating online. You would have something much better to do aside from work and going home and being a couch potato. Not only will you have something enjoyable to do, but you never know where it will lead. If you have an open mind the sky is the limit. You never know – the one or one of the online dating friends you correspond with could be the love of your life – and it would all be because you had the good sense to try online dating.

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