Who's Afraid of sex

In Britain seksologi conducted research on pregnancy and how to prevent. As a result, scientists have proven themselves shocked monstrous ignorance adults in the intimate lives. As it turned out, one in three British believes that if after sex poprygaet woman on the ground, it will be able to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Researchers Family Planning Association found that half of the adult population (between 21-45 years) of the country is unable to determine favorable and unfavorable to the days of conception, although this method is the most basic. In addition, many people who participated in the study, have opened themselves to America to learn that no sperm are killed immediately, and survive in the female body over 7 days, The Daily Mirror.

This is a deplorable fact, given that one of the largest charitable organizations in England in January this year made more nearly 6 thousand abortion - which is more than the number of abortions for all the similar periods in the 32-year history of free clinics, announced InoPressa.

One gratifying, Britons netemperamentny and rarely have sex. According to statistics, 31% of British after 30 years does not have sex at all. Every fifth British (over 8 million people) currently did not have a sexual relationship with anyone.

A third of Britons there is a low frequency of sex (less than once a month), the 44% average (from once a month to twice a week) and only a 19% - high (three times a week and more often).

Of course, if we compare the British say, Filipinos, their ignorance in matters of sex does not seem so shocking. In the Philippines, about 30% of married couples do not even suspect that sex can lead to the birth of a child and as a process of conception. But Filipinos can be justified, they have sex, a taboo topic, and no naproch sexual culture. In addition, about 80% of the population is Catholic Philippines, and the Catholic Church is known for its intolerance towards any contraception.

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