The most fat people in the world have lost weight at 230 kilograms thanks to the love

According to the LookInfo.org.ua, 42 - year-old citizen of Mexico Manuel Uribe, who was the most complete man in the world, was able to part with almost half its weight. In addition to physical activities, and hard-compliance with the low-carbohydrate diet, achieve such a result (a whole dropped 230 kilograms), he helped care beloved woman.
Previously, unless it is under 22 years, "Manuel Uribe can boast" of his body weight of 130 kilograms, but at that age, for unknown reasons, he began to gain weight frighteningly fast pace. Maximum weight Manuel Uribe (Manuel Uribe), which, incidentally, recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, amounted to 570 kilograms. Mexican was chained to the bed and not left his home in Monterrey in 2002.

The last five years, Uribe, who was previously divorced, lived with his mother, but three months ago, his personal life has changed for the better. He moved to the home of his favorite woman, Claudia, whose husband was also far from thin man some time ago and died of a heart attack provoked by obesity.
Today Claudia helps his beloved dance and do physical exercise that helps Uribe hoped to fulfill his dream. Mexican dreams of playing soccer with a 11 - the son of Claudia summer, tentatively pohudev to 120 kilograms.

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