Try to give more - and you will be happier!

Fairy tales contain the truth

Specialists in the field of psychology from the University of British Columbia in Canada, a study was conducted, during which scientists are trying to find out the relationship between money and the feeling of happiness, said lookinfo.org.ua.
The work of Canadian professionals conducted in the form of a special consultation. 632 respondents are asked three questions: "How much money you get for the year?", "How do you spend your money?" and, finally, "How you happy?".
Once the results have been processed, the scientists obtained the right to claim that the most frequently accompanies a sense of happiness to people who donate funds for various charities, as well as giving money to their friends or relatives. Canadian psychologists are convinced that the more people preferred, the more comfortable he feels himself.

So many tales of the world's peoples, which are avaricious , rapacious and greedy characters to the final, the remaining tales of misfortune and abandoned now received confirmation of its scientific righteousness.

We were made for love, friendship, and family, and when we spend a lot of time alone, or free ourselves from the "constraints" of relationships, it is generally bad for us.

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